मजापहित साम्राज्य
Timeline: Heartfelt Fancy

OTL equivalent: Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands
Flag of Indonesia
Flag of Majapahit
Capital Mojokerto
Largest city Jakarta
Other cities Kuala Lumpur
Language Javanese, Indonesian, Sanskrit
Religion Hinduism, Buddhism
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister
Established 1293
Currency Majapahit Rupiah

The Majapahit Empire is a nation in Asia. The nation shares its only land border with Thailand, via Peninsular Malaysia.


Sometime in the 1370s, the crown prince Wirabhumi had died early of natural causes. By the time of Hayam Wuruk's death in 1389, Wikramawardhana easily succeeded him in being the next Raja, and managed to continue on his legacy, and strengthened Majapahit further.

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