Maine Province
Capital Kussinock
Largest Cities Machigonne
Population 362,000
Our Timeline Equivalent Maine (U.S state)

Maine is the northernmost province in New England. The only other New England province it borders is New Hampshire to the southwest, while it borders Quebec to the northwest and Canada to the northeast. Maine has the lowest population density of all the N.E. Provinces and has the third-lowest population of the provinces, after Vermont and Narragansett.

About Maine

Maine has the harshest climate of any New England provinces. This is due to its high latitude, which makes for frigid, long winters but nice warm (not hot) summers. Still, the province is not so cold as to be tundra or even taiga, and broadleaf deciduous trees make their home throughout the province, as well as evergreen coniferous trees. Most of Maine's population lives on or near the coast, with the towns of Machigonne and Kussinock being by far the largest settlements. The coast is populated by people of mostly European descent, while the interior is populated by Aboriginal groups, almost exclusively the Wabenaki (including the Passamaquoddy and Penobscots). Maine's Aroostook Nature Preservation Area is the second largest in New England, behind the West Virginia NPA in Virginia but ahead of the Adirondack NPA in New York.


Maine has numerous divisions, including counties, Semi-Autonomous Regions/Areas (SARs/SAAs), and Nature Preservation Areas (NPAs).



58% Vegetarian
42% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

57% European
34% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
30% Wabenaki groups
04% other Aboriginal
07% mixed race
02% others


51% English
19% Eastern Wabenaki
17% French
09% Western Wabenaki
02% other Algonquian languages
02% others


51% Nonreligious
30% atheist
21% agnostic
27% Cathar
11% Christian
05% Catholic
04% Quaker
02% other Christian
10% various Aboriginal beliefs
01% other

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