The Independent State of Maine

Population: 14,000


  • Florida

Trade Partners:

  • Florida


  • 1.7 %


  • Urbanization: +0
  • Resources: +75
  • Technology: +250
  • Territory: +5
  • Alliances: +5
  • Supplies: +5
  • Infrastructure: +50
  • Total: 390


Maine seceded in 1961.50 after their armed forces fighting in the Civil War and the War of States went on strike and protested at Capitol Hill, only to be gunned down. Governor Daniel Hare had Maine secede and became President Hare. Soon afterwards, they responded with a Floridian request for a trade route with a request for an alliance. They also asked for an alliance of northwestern states against the corrupt union and Hannibal Hamlin. Maine is currently doing well so far, but the strain of combat is wearing down President Hare.

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