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While at this time we are only exhibiting pages relating to our Alternate histories, we aren't ruling out the possibilities of discussion, or description pages to help would-be alt-historians get off to a good start.

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Flags of New Union

Welcome to a New Union.

New Union

Did you know that the Soviet Union was only days away from being reformed? That's right, on August 20, 1991, the first of 9 republics of the Soviet Union would sign the "New Union Treaty." This treaty would have reformed the Soviet Union from a hardline communist state into a [true] federation of sovereign states, run under democracy and freedom for all. However, this dream was shattered just one day prior to it even happening. On August 19, hardline communist sympathizer would launch a coup against Gorbachev. Despite the coup being fought back by the people and becoming a humiliating failure, it would ruin any attempt to preserve the Soviet Union. Just months later, the world's largest nation and one of the world's most powerful nations becomes 15 independent nations, each going through a decade or more of hardship and fighting.

But as history shows, coups are very fickle, and are prone to failure. And as it has been revealed during our timeline, the August Coup was not planned out very well, and the conspirators made it easy for the coup to be crushed. So, what if the coup was ruined before it even happened? What if the coup never happened, and the world witnessed the formation of a New Union?

Map of the Soviet Union (New Union)

The Modern USSR

The August Coup was planned in order to "save the Soviet Union." But in reality, the coup failing was probably the best thing for both the USSR and the world. Granted, the world is no utopia, and world peace is not in the foreseeable future, but in comparison to what the world has been through, the people of the USSR (not to mention the planet) have a hard time remembering the dark past. The Soviet Union has been reborn, and the changes ensue....

What would become of this world?


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