Magyar Királyság
Kingdom of Hungary
Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946; 3-2 aspect ratio)
Capital Budapest
Official language Hungarian
State ideology Nationalism
Head of state
- 1920-
Admiral Horthy
Territories Hungary, Western Transylvania
Currency Forint

Hungary gained much from its involvement in WWII, regaining Transylvania and Parts of Czechoslovakia. For the last years of the 1940s, Hungary was content to administer its new territories. Its army was neglected and not modernized. Most of the 'Advanced' Hungarian military equipment was ex-Soviet, like the T34/88r, an ex-Soviet T34/85 refitted with an 88mm KwK 36. most of the Air force consisted of Piston engined Ta 152 fighters. There was no thought of a war taking place any time soon.

The Transylvanian War

On July 27th, 1950, the Romanians launched 'Operation Carpathian Freedom'. On that day Budapest was bombed by Romanian Ar 234c Jet bombers. Hungary was stunned, shocked. within a few weeks Transylvania was cut off from the rest of Hungary.


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