Point of Divergence

The point of divergence in this timeline is in the year 383, when the general Magnus Maximus tried to become the Emperor of Rome. However in this timeline, Magnus Maximus does not manage to kill the Emperor Gratian, and is unable to advance. He eventually decides to make peace with the Emperor Gratian after neither are able to defeat each other. Emperor Gratian offered a peace deal to Magnus Maximus. He offers to give Roman Britain to Magnus Maximus and have Magnus Maximus be the North Roman Emperor. Magnus, no longer wanting to be Emperor of West Rome, accepts the offer. Theodosius the East Roman Emperor soon recognized Magnus as the Emperor of North Rome.



  • Due to raids in Wales by the Irish, some armies are moved to Wales
  • Suebi settle in northern Hispania
  • A pretender to the throne of West Rome arises in West Roman Africa.
  • Goths invade Illyria.
  • North Roman Navy is strengthened to deal with Saxon and Pictish raids.


  • Rome is sacked by Alaric.
  • Picts begin invasion across Hadrian's wall in 409
  • Saxons attempt to invade Camulodunum, but are crushed by North Roman army.


  • Burgundians settle on the west bank of the Rhine.
  • Visigoths settle in Aquitaine
  • Vandals and Alans migrate into Iberia.
  • Picts are crushed and are fully conquered in 411.


  • Vandals and Alans invade Mauretania
  • The entire west coast of Ireland is occupied by North Roman forces to stop raids.

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