Magister Officiorum of Alexandria
μάγιστρος τῶν ὀφφικίων της Αλεξάνδρεια

Alexandrian flag
Flag of Alexandria

Artemis Eleneas

Artemis Eleneas

Since: 2014

Style Her/His Excellency
Appointer People of Alexandria, by direct election
Term length 4 years, renewable indefinitely
Salary €400,000
 The Magister Officiorum of Alexandria (Greek: μάγιστρος τῶν ὀφφικίων της Αλεξάνδρεια, literally: "master of the offices") is the head of government and de facto head of state of the Alexandrian Empire. The office is the same as the position of Prime Minister or President in many other countries, and is therefore often called President of Alexandria or Prime Minister of Alexandria.

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