Magadha Empire
साम्राज्य के मगधअ
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

OTL equivalent: parts of North India
Flag of Magadha
Capital Pataliputra
Largest city Indraprastha
Language: Hindi
Religion: Hinduism
Ethnic group: Hindustani
Type of government: Constitutional, parliamentary monarchy
Samrajni: Satyana I
  Royal house: House of Daivata
Prime Minister: Indra Garodia
  per capita: 26,253
Population: 372,000,000 
Currency: Magadha rupee
Internet TLD: .ma
Calling code: +91
Organizations: United Nations
 Magadha, officially the Magadha Empire is a sovereign state in northern India. Magadha borders Sassania and Rajputana to the west, Malwa tot the southwest, Maharashtra and Kalinga to the south, Bengal to the east and China to the north.


The origin of the word Magadha is unknown. The official name of Magadha is the Magadha Empire, which is साम्राज्य के मगधअ in Devanagari, the script of both Hindi and Sanskrit.

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