Maffeo Servitore was born in 1370. After his home city had been conquered by Florence, he went to the capital to begin a new life. In 1400, he started working as a secretary for the Medici family. Soon he became known as a cunning diplomat.

In 1407, he saw the weakness of the divided Northern Italy, so he devised a plan for which he'd get famous for. Meeting with the rulers of Savoy and Venice, all of Northern Italy except Genoa was divided into spheres of influences, which said three states may conquer. Otherwise, the big three were supposed to live in peace. Until the 1430s, this was what happened: The little city states (which were near collapse after the difficult 14th century) of Northern Italy were "mopped up". As a result, many Italians left their country (especially from Pisa and Milan), going to France and Aragon, and some other states too, spreading Italian art.

In short, he is TTL's Machiavelli - just more successful. The famous character Ronaldo Servio is inspired by him.

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