Mael Snechtai mac Lulach
Timeline: I am Moray

Mormaer of Strathclyde
1100 – 1108

Predecessor Lulach Mac Gillacomgain
Successor Gregory Mac Mael Snechtai
Born 1052
Died 1108
Religion Christianity

Mael Snechtai mac Lulach, was born in 1052, the

Mael Snechtai

eldest son of Lulach, Mormaer of Strathclyde, Mormaer of Angus and Thane of Cullen. Not much is really known about his early life, except for a few skirmishes that he took part in during his father's tenure as Mormaer of Angus. He was part of the force of men his father took with him to fight King Owen of Strathclyde, leading the retreat when their forces were broken. He eventually fought in the conquering of Strathclyde during the 1080s, and served as his father's tanist within the kingdom of Strathclyde, eventually succeeding in 1100 when his father died. He did not long outlive his father though,dying in 1108 when the sons of King Owen came with an army of Northumbrians.

He married twice, from his first wife he had:

Lulach Mac Mael Snechtai (1071-1090)

Boite mac Mael Snechtai (1077-1108)

Giric Mac Mael Snechtai (1080-1108)

From his second wife, the daughter of King Macbeatha of Scotland he had

Gregory Mac Mael Snechtai (1090-1120)