Madeleine de Bourbon
Duchess of York
Tenure 13 August 1580 - 13 June 1612
Spouse Edmund, Duke of York

m. August 1580

Issue Richard, 2nd Duke of York

Charlotte, Duchess of Pembroke
Elizabeth of York
Edmund of York
Anne of York
Edward of York
Madeleine of York
John of York
Nicole of York

House House of Conde (by birth)

House of Tudor (by marriage)

Father Louis I de Bourbon, Prince of Conde
Mother Eleanor de Roucy de Roye
Born 7 October 1563
Vendome, France
Died 13 June 1612
Yorkshire, England
Burial Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey
Religion Calvinism, later Anglican

Madeleine de Bourbon (7 October 1563 - 13 June 1612) was the Duchess of York from her marriage to Edmund, Duke of York. Her marriage was apart of a series of marriage to major leaders of the French Huguenots and England. She was accepted by her mother-in-law, Queen Isabella and the Queen often referred to her as "Maddie". She disliked her sister-in-law, Catherine Michelle because of her Hapsburg roots although she was affectionate with her nieces. The majority of her daughters grew up under the tutelage of their grandmother.

Early Life

Not much is known about Madeleine's early life. She was the third daughter of Louis, Prince of Conde and Eleanor de Roucy de Roye. As a Bourbon, she was a Princess of the Blood in France. She was related to many Huguenot military leaders, such as her father and brothers, making her a valuable alliance for England.


In 1580, she married Edmund, Duke of York in a public ceremony. She was reportedly described as beautiful, dutiful, and loving, traits that made her a good wife for the Duke. They had a deep friendship that blossomed into a love match by the time she delivered their first child.; She spent her first few years in England in Yorkshire, but was compelled to come to court after the birth of her second daughter, Elizabeth of York. She sent her children to Richmond Palace where they were raised by their grandmother. After the Dowager Queen's death in 1602, her children remained at Richmond Palace with the Duchess of Exeter for another two years. In 1604, Agnes Howard, illegitimate daughter of the 4th Duke of Norfolk, was appointed as the new caretaker for the royal children.

Court Life

As the Duchess of York, she was an important court figure, holding precedence behind only the Queen and Queen Dowager. She had a hard relationship with Queen Catherine Michelle and the Duke of York was often left to step in and defend his wife from the Queen's slights. However, when Elizabeth Howard became Queen, relations smoothed over. Elizabeth had a good rapport with the Duchess of York, even asking to be transferred to her household.

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