Madagasikaran Civil War



Madagasikara, Comoros, Mozambique


Madagasikaran Victory
Large-scale conversions to Christianity
Spanish Supremacy over region
Treaty of Mahajanga

  • Emirate of the Comoros

King Andrés I Ralofoaro
Soliary Canapastry

Emir Bakr III Rahasan


Madagasikara: 125,000
Betsileo: 45,000 Spain: ?????

Comoros: 30,000 Rebel Forces: 240,000 (est)

Casualties and Losses



The Madagasikaran Civil War was an internal conflict between the loyalist forces of King Andrés I Ralofoaro of the Empire of Madagasikara and various Muslim, animist, and spiritist citizens of the Swahili Coast, localized around Madagasikara and the Comoros and led, nominally, by Emir Bakr III Rahasan of the breakaway Comoran Emirate.

The first major


The Madagasikaran Civil War developed as a result of the Spanish arrival to Madagasikara. With the arrival of a new culture and a powerful new religion, Madagasikara began to see itself split along religious lines, as well as along older ethnic and cultural boundaries.

Some historians have even argued that the cause of the Madagasikaran Civil War was the earlier minor civil war that forced the diarchy onto the Emirate of Sanafah. They argued that the presence of an ultra-conservative Muslim ruler and a local, indigenous ruler coupled with Madagasikaran expansion made tensions between the Chief and the Emir near inevitable.


Mixture of land and naval combat

Madagasikara led by Soliary Canapastry


The primary long-term result of the Madagasikaran Civil War was the period of Spanish domination in Madagasikara which remained for an extended period following the end of the civil war.

  • Treaty of Mahajanga
  • Christian influences
  • Latinized Malagasy develops
  • Continued expansion thanks to Spanish


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