The historic Macp-1 mission was the first manned mission to land on the planet Mars. Part of the Mars-shot program by the Soviet Union the spacecraft was the second in the series (the first being the behepa-1 which flew past Venus a year earlier and part of the Venus-shot program).

Mission background

In 1962 The United States announced a program to land on the Moon by 1970. The Soviet Union responded by creating its program moonshot. The Soviet Union had a major success with their N-1 heavy lift rocket (a response to the American Saturn V). The Salyut space station program and nuclear rocket development program also provided all the basic hardware needed for the mission. Although the US launched the first Moon Mission Apollo 11. The Soviet Union was secretly far ahead and was planning on a direct human to Mars program with no lunar mission.

The Mission

In 1975 the Soviet Union launched there first orbital N-1 rocket. This rocket carried the Macp-1 spacecraft along with all the propellant needed for the flight. After the astronauts transferred the propellant to the proper tank via a Spacewalk the engines were fired. After seven months flying to Mars the crew of three entered mars orbit and prepared for Landing. The Mars Hab/Lander carried all the living space and supplies needed for the year on the surface. Alexi Leonov has been hailed as a hero ever since he spoke his historic words in front of the Soviet Flag after becoming the first on Mars. "We come here in the name of all humanity, we come here for Peace, Science, Discovery, Freedom and for the goodness in all men and all nations, for all humanity." On the third month of exploration during a sortie on the Rover (called Mars Train) they found evidence of Martian life in the form of fossilized microbes in underground ice. They also found extant life deeper underground in pools of water. After nine months of further exploration the team left for home. Another seven months and they landed in the plains of Kazakhstan.


Like apollo 11, Macp-1 (or the literal translation Mars-1) was never forgotten by all people of the world. The Mission would set the stage for colonization in the decades to come. More importantly, it proved life is not unique in the universe and that we are just one of billions in a Cosmic community. It unified the world in a way nobody thought possible. Religious rates dropped as people thought of how small and insignificant we are. The landing of Macp-1 was a victory to the citizens not just of Moscow and Leningrad but also of New York, England, and all people of the world. It brought the two superpowers closer together and essentially ended the cold war.

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