Technological Advantages in Syracuse

Soon after Democrates arrived at Syracuse in 362 BC, he began a technology academy there. The Syracusian Navy was in dire need of new weapons to combat Carthage's navy. New technological advances included the steam propelled oar allowing for an extreme reduction in the number of men needed to man the ship. This new advance also allowed iron plating to render ramming obsolete in naval warfare. Soon Syracuse controlled most of the western Mediterranean.

Macedon-Syracuse Alliance

Philip I of Macedon saw this new power in Western Europe and sent his most trusted wise advisor Aristotle to learn for several years at this new Academy in Syracuse. He launched plans to begin a sister academy in Macedon. Democrates and Dyonisos welcomed this ambassador and new bonds were formed. A loose military alliance was also formed between those two states.

Technological Advances in Macedon

Arisotle went back to Macedon in 355 BC and founded a sister academy in Pella. This technological academy was much more land-based and many advances were made and created new steam powered vehicles called landships to combat Persia's Elephants corps. Many other siege engine advances were made for the much anticipated invasion of Persia.

Alexander the Great

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