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The Kingdom of Macedonia
808 BC - 666 AD 3by2white.svg

Vergina Sun - Golden Larnax.png

Location of Macedonia before the Macedonian War
Capital Pella
Languages Ancient Macedonian Language
Religion Paganism
Government Monarchy
 •  323-309 BC Alexander IV of Macedon (first)
Historical Era Era One, Era Two
 •  Founding of Macedonia 808 BC
 • Macedonian Civil War 67-59 BC
 •  The First Crusade 666 AD
 •  1 AD est. 1/2 Million 
Currency Tetradrachm

Macedonia was a regional power based in Greece and Western Anatolia from 808 BC to 666 AD. While at one point it was a huge empire under Alexander the Great, the nation was later forced to accept a more modest Empire. The creation of their second, samller empire would influence the events of other nations, notably the Second Safinei War. Macedonia would later influence other events in various parts of Europe, and hold its own power in Greece.


Macedonian War

The Macedonian war was a landmark moment for Macedonia - the nation was able to establish an empire that would actually last, rather than one that collapsed at the death of its leader. The war was brutal, and severally hurt the Economy. However the new land allowed Macedonia to quickly recover from this harm, and gain influence in Italy. This influence would eventually lead to increased trade, and Macedonia's dominance over Greece and Anatolia. Not only that, but the nation would serve as an effective ally to Etrusca - even after the Dardaniand took control. Overall, this was would mark the birth of Macedonia as an effective international power.

Civil War

The Macedonia civil war was fought between two sides, who called themselves the Expansionists and the Monarchists. The first wanted to expand Macedonia deeper into Anatolia, while the other wished to maintain the status quo. While at first the fighting shook the nation, it later began to take place in the less populated areas of Anatolia, mitigating the effects on the Macedonian populace. This loosened Macedonian control over Anatolia, but this was widely considered worth it to keep the fighting away from Greece. After years of battle, the Monarchists eventually came out on top, defeating the Expansionists. This meant the Monarchists controlled Macedonian politics until 666 AD, at which point the whole nation collapsed.

Colonization of the Balkans

Trade with European Tribes

War with Carthage

Second Civil War




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