Ένωση της Μακεδονίας
Union of Macedonia
Timeline: Greek World
Preceded by 800 - 1822 Succeeded by
GreekEmpireVexilloidGreek Empire Kingdom of GreeceThessalonikiFlag
Flag of Macedonia Unofficial proposal of the Macedonian Coat of Arms
Flag of Macedonia Coat of Arms of Macedonia
Location of Macedonia in orange

Μακεδονία, το κέντρο του κόσμου (Greek)
("Macedonia, center of the world")

Capital: Skopje
Other cities: Tirana
Language: Greek
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Type of government: Constitutional Parlamentary Monarchy
  Upper Chamber:

Lower Chamber:

High Council

National Assembly

Currency: Macedonian Drachma
The Union of Macedonia was a nation the Balkans util its capitulation to the new formed Kingdom of Greece.

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