September, 296 BCE, Philiposia/Babylon, Empire of Macedon

The gleaming, hot yellow sun seemed like it was finally going to rest for the night, as it began to change into a fiery red star into the constantly darkening skies. The old Basileus also thought it was time for him to take a quick nap in his busy schedule, as he wasn't as used to staying up so long in the night from his earlier years. He took off all his fine jewelry and leather sandals, had his daily bath, and began to rest in his luxurious Persian bed in the magnificent palace that was the ironically named Megalo Palati. The old warrior's eyes got heavier and heavier by the minute, and eventually he couldn't keep them open any longer. He was abruptly awoken by a thundering knock on his bedroom door, which frustrated him.

"These young people and their fury", he mumbled to himself when he slowly got up and walked to the destination, but he was self-conscious of his ferocity and hastiness from his earlier years as well. Once he got there, he slowly opened the door, seeing one of his many diplomats from Egypt who had a sun-burned face that made him look like a mere babe, in though he was in his late 20's.

"Here's a message from one of your lords, Emperor sir," the diplomat hastily said.

The Basileus kindly accepted the paper, and the diplomat steadily went on his way. He quickly opened the message, somewhat expecting what the message was going to say:

"To the Glorious, Magnificent Basileus Alexandros III,

I humbly invite you to a small gathering of lords in Alexandria later this week. Your presence there would be greatly appreciated by all of us.

From yours truly,

Ptolemy, Lord of Egypt and a Loyal Friend."

The Basileus was humbled by Lord Ptolemy's invitation, and slowly put the paper on his desk, expecting to write him back in the early dawn of the next day. Once that was done with, he finally got in his bed for the last time today. He instantly closed his eyes in excitement for the next day, and slowly faded into a deep sleep gradually over time. A deep, deep, sleep that would be the last one he'd ever had.

Alexander the Great, Lord of All the Known World, had died peacefully in his sleep.


And so, begins what I hope to be something new on this wiki. My alternate history is going to primarily focus on what if Alexander the Great had lived longer than his early 30's, and died at the age of 60. So, I hope you enjoy my prologue of my story, which I feel is a somewhat new twist to this wiki.