The M7A1 Light Anti-Zombie Assault Weapon, or LAZAW is an assault rifle developed by the Floridian Army and produced by Alliant TechSystems. The LAZAW's design is derived from data obtained by the FARNG in combat against zombies in the midwestern United States.





The LAZAW sacrifices accuracy for fire rate, magazine size, and penetration power. The weapon is also designed not to jam, although this does make it slightly less user-friendly for non-military individuals. The weapon is designed to be very cheap, as well.



The standard and most common M7A1 variant.

Ih assault rifle01

The M7A1's modular construction allows for a number of different variants. Variants (left to right): Top: Standard 1st Row: Civilian, AXIS Stabilizer, Standard Skeleton 2nd Row: RF-16 RAPID, CQC Light, Compact Military 3rd Row: LONGSHOT Enhanced Scope, LONGSHOT NoScope, Light/BASIC 4th Row: GOLIATH, Shotgun UB

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