México becomes a superpower toward be conserved a Absolute Monarchy. Sorry for my bad English, but enjoy now my Satirical-version of this Alternate History loved by the Spanish-version of this wiki.

Mexico Superpower


XIX Century

1863 - Maximilian I gets the unconditional surrender of Juarez liberals. Bloody repression of these. Many liberals migrate north. Slavery is again legal in Mexico.

1863-1864 - Mexico signs an agreement with the Confederacy and declares war on the United States. Mexican forces invade California, ruthlessly crushing all resistance. Battle of Gettysburg: Mexican forces to help the Confederates win a landslide victory.

1864 - Battle of Washington. Mexican forces allied with the Confederation inflict a brutal defeat the United States.

1865 - After being assassinated President Lincoln by Mexican agents, US surrenders unconditionally to the Confederacy. Decreed that the Confederation has the right to exist, the United States loses its south side, and also may not appoint a president or sign alliances without the explicit approval of the President of the CSA and the Emperor of Mexico.

1866 - Mexico took their lands USA in 1845, but add Obregon (Oregon and Washington) and Maximiliania (Montana, the Dakotas and below), under the names of "Military Area 2" and "Military Area 3" annexes .

1870 - Franco-Prussian War. Mexico leave France to its fate and allies with Germany right after the crush France.

1878 - Great Expedition West: Mexico invades and colonizes Siam, only Southeast Asian country that had not been colonized. Agreements with Britain and France defining the Siamese nation to its present limits. King Chulalongkorn is executed, like all his family, and replaced by a colonial administration.

Reign of Maximilian II "The Warrior" (1889 - 1923)

1889 - Maximilian II ascends the throne. As a gift for her proclamation, the Mexican Navy Imperial Hawaii was annexed as "Grand Duchy Islands Hula".

1891 - Act approved gender roles, which declares all women unable and placed under the tutelage of father, husband or eldest son. Also it states that being gay is a crime punishable by death.

1898 - Mexico and the Confederation declared war on Spain and removed Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The reason is to free the colonies from Spanish oppression. Mexico remains the Philippines and Puerto Rico and Cuba CSA annexes forever. Philippines is designated "Area 4" and Puerto Rico as "Area 5".

20th Century

1907 - The strike at Cananea and Rio Blanco are harshly repressed by the military. It is estimated that between 300 and 500 "anarchists" killed by the Imperial Guard.

1910 - Mexico declares war on Guatemala and the annexes, claiming that the local government is corrupt and ineffective, since they could not pay the debt they had with the Empire.

1914 - World War I: At first, Mexico opts for neutrality, offering to mediate between the belligerents.

1915 - Mexico and the Confederacy invaded the island of the Spanish, under the pretext that local governments oppress the population and the spread: Mexico gets the eastern and western Confederation. The Confederation joins the Central Powers for the simple reason that they all support slavery, and CSA want them to conquer colonies in Africa for more slaves.

1916 - Despite being slave, Mexico supported the Allies declared war on the Confederation with help from the United States and Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Spanish annexes. The Confederation is entirely annexed by the United States except Florida and Texas, passing Mexico.

1918-1922 - Mexico takes part in the Russian Civil War. 33,000 men support the Whites in their fight against the Red Army, without success. Maximilian II commits suicide after finding his failure.

Reign of Maximilian III "the Great" (1923 - 1964)

1923 - Declaration of Maximilian III to the throne: The main foreign policy priority of the Empire of Mexico is "the extermination of the Communists wherever they are".

1924 - Approved by a large majority in parliament (consultative) Imperial Decree to safeguard the Mexican nation and suppression of international Communism. It is regarded as a communist sympathizer and an enemy of the Empire of Mexico to anyone who opposes the established order or practice and promote immorality. Recognition of Mussolini's Italy by the Emperor.

1929 - Crack the NYSE. Mexican troops have forcibly suppressing the uprisings of the unemployed. The Empire supported the United States in the repression of the Confederate nationalists.

1931 - II Spanish Republic. Mexico withdrew its ambassador, announcing that "there is nothing to negotiate with a communist country" and encourages the formation of a monarchical government in exile in Mexico.

1932 - Partnership with Saudi Arabia. Pemex begins operating local oil. Mexico threatens to suspend all trade agreements with those who deal with "the Anti-Spain, the Red Spain".

1933 - Maximilian III Statement showing his admiration for Hitler and his strong support for anti-communist campaign. Mexican businessmen rich sign lucrative contracts with Germany.

1936 - Spanish Civil War. Mexico pressed unsuccessfully for the League of Nations to support the rebels general, considering that they are "the real Spain, Catholic, anti-traditional". Also pressuring Latin American nations not to support the Republic.

1937 - Mexico, Germany and Italy blocked the Spanish coast and sink Soviet ships sent arms to the Republic. Also, Mexican armed forces imposed Anastasio Somoza "Tacho" As president of neighboring Nicaragua, mainly because it is a fervent anticommunist. Japan declares war on China and his forces are advancing rapidly.

1938 - Mexico is involved in the Spanish Civil War and annihilate the Republic, considered a hotbed of Communists. It created a puppet government under the command of one Carrero Blanco.

1939 - Germany invades Poland. Mexico declares that Hitler is within his rights to ensure the survival of their nation.

1940 - Mexico suspended all trade with Japan to convince them not to attack the convenience of Mexican interests in the area. Thousands of Japanese emigrants to Mexico are deported to concentration camps in the Valley of Death and other equally beautiful places.

1941 - Germany invades the Soviet Union. Mexico Japan attacks Pearl Harbor base in the islands of the Hula. Theory of three wars, developed by one Franco, Spanish serving Mexicans:

  • Mexico is belligerent in the Pacific against Japan and pro-Allies
  • Mexico is belligerent in Europe against the Soviet Union and pro-Axis.
  • The Allied-Axis war is alien to Mexican interests matter, where the Empire is neutral.

1942 - Mexico overthrows Carrero Blanco and imposes Franco's anti instead. Sending the Spanish Blue Division and the Mexican Green Division, against the USSR.

1943 - Mexico joins the Allies officially, although it does not relish having to communists allies. The Green Blue Divisions and join the fight against the Soviets and Germans.

1944 - The Mexican Army III crushes the Afrika Korps in Africa, and during the invasion of Italy, took Rome and Vatican. The Pope was transferred to Mexico "for their own safety" and installed in Veracruz. The Vicar of San Pedro never return to Rome.

1945 - Maximilian III proclaims the Holy Roman Empire of Mexico and the Pope declares under his protection. It is proclaimed Jaime Enrique de Borbon y Battenberg as King of France, despite the protests of de Gaulle, as Maximilian III and Pope pressed hard to impose. Terrorist uprisings guise of republicanism, incited by the Communist Party of France, extremely hard repressed. It is estimated that Mexican and royalist troops executed about 20,000 communist supporters.

1946 - Mexico runs Japan's imperial family and annexes under the name of "Virreinato Chrysanthemum". Also it is known as "Area 11". The Spanish language and Catholicism the official religion declared by decree. Philippines is elevated to the rank of Grand Duchy in return for their support against Imperial Japan.

1945 - 1951: War of Siam: The population of the Viceroyalty of Siam, raised against Japan, now fighting for its freedom from Mexico. The Emperor intended large numbers of troops violently repressing that are merely for "communists / terrorists."

1947 - From this year, the Pope declares that all what the Emperor of Mexico is the Will of God, and urges Catholics to recognize him as Supreme Emperor of the Earth under penalty of excommunication. Outside the Catholic countries, nobody takes seriously this proclamation.

1948 - Maximilian Doctrine Condor III: Mexico reserves the right to unilaterally intervene militarily in any nation deemed under threat of falling into the clutches of international communism.

1950 - The anime is outlawed throughout the Empire, in that it is pro-communist and immoral.

1951 - Peace of Bangkok: The Kingdom of Thailand achieved independence, a prince and a government supported by Mexico, to ensure that they remain anticommunist. The reason is none other than the urgent need for troops in Korea, which obliges end the war with Thailand to have blocked 450,000 soldiers there.

1952 - Korean War. Mexico drops atomic bombs on northern China to discourage Mao. The USSR threatens retaliation if China continues bombing. Mexico Prime Minister replied "there are no eggs? Let's see if you quedais standing or us."

1953 - Mexico annexed Korea as "Viceroyalty of Nuevo Guerrero" under the rule of a certain Kim Jong-Il. Also known as "Area 12". They receive the same treatment as Area 11.

1954 - Mexico invades and annexes Honduras after receiving intelligence information to the effect that anti-government protesters are communist sympathizers. 100,000 people are arrested and another 20,000 executed on charges of cooperating with communism. Subsequently it revealed that the "intelligence" was false.

1956 - Mexico intervened in support of the Kingdom of France during the Algerian war. Emperor Maximilian III accused the FLN miliantes of being communists and decrees total war. Combined forces of 160,000 French and 70,000 Mexicans, in addition to at least 20,000 supporters (mercenaries from around the world paid handsomely) fought hard against the rebels. Later, we estimate that 800,000 Algerians die in this war, either by stray bullets, shelling, thirst or "communists".

1959 - Mexico becomes the world's largest naval power forty carriers. The Soviets invaded Hungary, being severely condemned by the Mexicans. Demolition of all mosques in Algeria. The Soviet Union criticizes Mexico for "practicing genocide in Algeria and Vietnam."

1960 - Kim is deposed on charges of being a communist and replaced by a Mexican. The Algerian war ended with the unconditional surrender of the FLN. They are executed every one of the nearly 15,000 militants that remained to this organization. Bloody crackdown on protests.

1961 - Mexico sends 250,000 men, mostly Japanese, to Vietnam to end the Vietcong. Vietnam is declared "Area 13" .

1962 - 450000 Mexican soldiers invade Nicaragua and annex to Mexico in order to "protect the natives of the threat of the Sandinista National Liberation Front," given that Somoza is unable to contain itself. About 650,000 people are arrested and executed by 120,000 belong to this organization or displaying communist sympathies.

1963 - Atlanta Crisis: The US President Kennedy and Maximilian III, are killed in Atlanta, Georgia. Mexico accuses the USSR of being behind the attack and deploys nuclear missiles in Spain and Turkey. In anticipation of the Soviet response, they are declared "Area 14" and "Area 15". In turn, the USSR accused Mexico of "being a fascist and repressive regime that constitutes the greatest threat to freedom in the world."

Reign of Maximilian IV "The Feeble" (1964 - 1971)

1964 - Maximilian IV ascended the throne. Weak and sickly, the greatest merit of this monarch will engender a successor.

1965 - Mexico declares war on Uruguay and annexed the territory, considering that the Tupamaros are agents of the Soviet Union. Brutal repression against anyone suspected of being a communist sympathizer and arrested 50,000 people (23,900 of them executed).

1966 - Spain sends 20,000 troops to Vietnam to support Mexican efforts. First demonstrations against the war, harshly repressed by the police.

1967 - Mexico sent planes and ships to support Israel in the Six-Day War, even though the generals believe it's a bad idea.

1968 - Terrorists Rebellions, supported by international communism, under the guise of defending civil rights and the abolition of slavery throughout the whole Empire, harshly repressed. Around 45,000 people are arrested and only 8,340 of them are executed.

1969 - Maximilian IV decreed the adoption of universal suffrage extended to all Mexican citizens, bowing to pressure from the protesters.

1970 - Maximilian IV decreed the abolition of slavery. Not so the punishment of hard labor, still in force. Recognition of the revolutionary government of Peru.

1971 - The Imperial Guard in collusion with anti-abolitionists and the nobility, Maximiliano IV arrested on charges of being a communist and imprisoned in Alcatraz. His son Ferdinand Maximilian is proclaimed Maximilian V.

Reign of Maximilian V "The Hard" (1971 - 2012)

1971 - Maximilian V ascended the throne, declaring the peace movement as "paid agents of international communism."

More than 150,000 people were arrested throughout the Empire on charges of collaborating with communism. 27,000 of them will be executed for treason. The peace movement is decapitated. The civil rights law passed by Maximilian IV is not approved.

1972 - Mexico signs an alliance with Taiwan and calls for this nation to take a monarch, if possible Mexican. Mexico has 70 aircraft carriers and 100 other smaller vessels, which makes them the world's first naval power.

1973 - Mexico declares war on Chile, Salvador Allende accusing of being a communist. Mexican forces bombarded Santiago and Valparaiso. General Pinochet is imposed by the Mexicans. Mexican foundations are constructed in "Area 16", which also includes Argentina.

Yom Kippur War: Mexico supports Israel and fail to attack Egypt.

Conflict in Peru: Mexican Carrier start bombing the cities of Lima, Callao, Cuzco, Cajamarca, Piura and Trujillo. The Empire of Mexico accuses the general Juan Velasco Alvarado of being a communist and calls for his immediate resignation under threat of invading Peru and make Viceroyalty. One Alberto Fujimori is inaugurated as President on board the aircraft carrier AIM Mexican Sonora.

1974 - Mexico and Spain declared war on annexation of Portugal and Spain by force, fearing that the Carnation Revolution bring to power the Portuguese communists, although these were only 3% of the local population.

Portuguese Colonial Empire Cast: Mozambique, Cape Verde and Madeira are annexed to Spain. Mexico created the Principality of Angola (puppet government) and the Azores, Timor-Leste and Portuguese Guinea was annexed.

1975 - Terrorist and communist rebellions in the "Area 17", formerly known as Portugal. Portuguese Republic in Guinea, quickly annexed by Mexico. 250,000 suspected communists were arrested. 35,000 killed.

1976 - Mexico pushes Spain to accept as king the Prince Maximiliano Gustavo (who refuses to be Maximilian VI) and Maximilian I of Iberia. Local military accepted.

Area 17 is fused to the 14, which also includes Spain, to simplify the chain of command. Continental Portugal is converted into the Grand Duchy Luso, integral part of the Kingdom of Iberia.

In Argentina, a military junta overthrew Mexico supported by President Peron. General Jorge Rafael Videla is put in charge of the government and signs an alliance with Mexico.

1977 - Mexico imposes on Greece's crowning as King Juan Carlos I of Greece and the signing of an alliance against the USSR, under the threat of war should not accept. The Greeks are subjected.

1978 - Mexico has 770,000 men in Vietnam, North Vietnam conquered, annihilating their leaders and anexionandolo south. Vietnam constitutes "Viceroyalty of Vietnam" and a Mexican prince was appointed viceroy. It decreed that Catholicism is the official religion and can only speak Spanish.

1979 - The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in response to attacks by Al Qaeda, funded and supported by Mexico under the argument "Well, they are sons of a bitch, but at least they anticommunist, which is what matters". Terrorist and communist uprising in the Viceroyalty of Chrysanthemum under pretext of pacifism. 275,000 native are arrested for communism and insulting the Crown, more 35,000 executed. Maximiliano V decreed that the Japanese will be prohibited access to skilled jobs, and prohibits the use of the local language.

1980 - Ronald Reagan is appointed Prime Minister of the Holy Roman Empire of Mexico. Conservative and supporter of militarism and anti-communism, and Maximiliano V be inseparable. At the suggestion of the minister. Mexico invaded El Salvador and annexed to the Empire "to protect our Salvadoran brothers of communist interference."

1981 - Armed Forces of the Viceroyalty of Vietnam invaded Cambodia and Laos and the Viceroyalty annexation on their own. The Emperor and imposes sanctions Viceroy monarchical governments in these nations before restore "independence" as the Principality of Laos and Khmer Grand Duchy. The main reason is that the minister Rigan not feel like spending money on implementing a colonial administration in the area.

1982 - Falklands War. Mexico supports Argentina and the Bahamas annexes. Mexican carriers Atlantic Command attack western Britain and sink many ships of the Royal Navy. Britain was forced to cede the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha to Argentina.

1983 - Mexico and Argentina declared war on Brazil to weaken this nation and the region of Parana are annexed. Subsequently, Argentina will be rewarded with the transfer of Uruguay.

1984 - Mexico and its allies are the only nations that do not recognize Red China as the legitimate government of the Chinese people.

1986 - At the request of Mexico, Chile is annexed by Argentina. Pinochet is maintained as Governor General of the Chilean state, since the Emperor likes him.

1989 - Panama War: General Noriega is accused by México of being a communist and drug dealer, and 300,000 Mexican soldiers invade Panama by surprise and annexation the Empire under the name of "Marquis of Panama". Mexico closed the Panama Canal to suspicious trading ship with communism.

1990 - Mexico invades Iraq after accusing Saddam of being a communist, dictator and trying to make nuclear weapons, and impose a monarchical government under the aegis of Prince Philip of Greece, who will become Philippe of Mesopotamia.

1991 - The Soviet Union is dissolved and 15 new nations born. Mexico requires as a condition for diplomatic recognition of these outlawing their communist parties, which most of them do. Mexican experts are sent to Russia under the guise of "assist in the transition to the market economy", but with direct and secret orders of the Emperor "to destroy the Russian economy so that later thousand years to return to pose a threat for the Empire. "

1993 - NATO invading Serbia after Mexico accusing President Milosevic of being a communist and dictator. The Serbian state is dissolved and its territory divided between Bosnia, Kosovo and Vojvodina. An estimated 650,000 people have died in this war.

XXI century

2000 - A bloodless coup, supported by Brazil and Ecuador overthrows Fujimori, who must flee to Mexico. Despite pressure measurements Government of Mexico, including two aircraft carriers deployed (AIM Nuevo Leon and AIM Maximilian II) off the coast of Peru, the Peruvian military cabinet "insists his stubborn mistake of calling an illegal election that delivered the Communist country. " The new President of Peru, Valentín Paniagua Corazao can not do anything but obey his people.

2001 - George William Bush was appointed Prime Minister of the Holy Roman Empire of Mexico after winning the Conservative Party election to this position. Conservative, militaristic and anti russianfobic convinced this man set a new more aggressive course in Mexican foreign policy.

2004 - Mexico accuses Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, of being a communist. Saber rattling between the two nations while Mexico airplanes and soldiers deployed in Eastern Europe, "to defend against the Russian threat."

2007 - At the suggestion of George Bush, Mexico invades Venezuela and virtually erase Caracas bombing with thermal weapons. President-elect Hugo Chavez, was arrested on charges of being a communist and dictator, and taken to Guerrero to be tried and executed. Maximiliano V imposes his third son, Eduardo Ernesto, as Edward I of the Kingdom of Great Colombia. The prime minister is a certain Enrique Capriles, a fervent anticommunist native.

2008 - Georgia declares war to Russia because of a border dispute. Mexico declares its full support for Georgia and threaten Russia with strong economic and military retaliation "if their aggression campaign continues". A force of 6,000 Mexican soldiers and as many Turks, is deployed in the area, while Mexicans help the Georgian military aircraft.

2009 - Crisis of government in the Grand Duchy of Honduras. The Imperial Army overthrew by force the Governor Zelaya, accused of being a communist, imposing direct imperial rule to the imposition of Porfirio Lobo as Governor. Honduras is degraded to County in retaliation.

Reign of Maximilian VI "The Diplomat" (2012 -?)

2012 - Maximilian VI ascended the throne. In his proclamation, declaring his intention to "fight for the spread of democracy and freedom, in addition to the totalitarian repression in all its forms, especially the neo-communist Putin, and false and dumpy Bolivarian ideology". Another of their policies is to initiate air strikes against Syria, accusing President Bashar El-Assad of being a communist, dictator, and supporting terrorists.

2013 - Mexico, Spain and Turkey declared war on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Mexican 225,000 Japanese soldiers are deployed in the area, with the mission to fight both the terrorists and against the troops of Bashar El-Assad. The paradox that, despite this, the Imperial Intelligence Agency insists on arming and training the Islamic State, considering that it is an excellent regional ally against communism and the Iranian influence is. A package of economic sanctions on Russia, the Emperor declared that "the first geopolitical threat to the main defender of democracy, free trade and peace, the Holy Empire of Mexico" is also imposed.

2014 - Coup d'etat in Ukraine. President Viktor Yanukovych is overthrown by force, taking advantage of his inability to manage the economic crisis, and the former president, Yulia Timoshenko (jailed for corruption) is taken out of prison and locked in place. Right-wing militias formed economic and militarily supported by Mexico with the mission to cleanse Ukraine of Communists.

Mexico asks NATO to declare war on "the neo-communist Russia" by the crisis in Ukraine. The Quetzal Division is sent to Ukraine to actively support Kiev's supporters, especially the ultranationalist Right Sector, in their fight against the communist insurgency and separatist terrorist is in the east of the country.

In Iberia, Arturo More was arrested on charges of being a communist and "trying to destroy the nation by a terrorist insurgency disguised as fake referendum". Bloody repression in Catalonia, with more than 350,000 people arrested and executed as 45,000 others suspected of involvement in the uprising against the government.

2015 - The El-Assad regime is history! The war against the Islamic state has changed sign with the execution of the dictator at the hands of Mexican troops. The country has been divided between Turkey, Mesopotamia and the State of Israel, as guarantors of democracy and freedom in the region. Executed about 75,000 communists and terrorists who dared oppose.

In Ukraine, NATO forces continue their attacks against terrorist positions, while Timoshenko President leads his country in the European Union. It is estimated that between 25,000 and 30,000 communist heretics and schismatics opposed to the entry of Ukraine into the EU have been arrested (15,000 of them executed).

In Iberia,

Main differences with OTL

  • In Mexico Superpower, there is no public pension system as it is considered "the first step toward establishing a communist tyranny." Kept only Russia, China, India, Peru, Brazil, France and Britain.
  • Of course, there is no public health or public education, because that is also considered communist (despite which the State determines the educational program). All schools and hospitals are private and need to checkout if you want to enjoy any of these services. It is possible that a person is charged twice for the same treatment.
  • Companies are much richer than in NLT, because Mexico the flat tax applies to businesses and the reverse tax people (the more you have, the less you pay). It goes without saying that environmental laws are something that does not matter much.
  • Civil rights are an unknown concept. The Empire can stop without reason, indefinitely, without explanation to anyone, just accusing the detainee of being a communist. In interviews with the Mexican Imperial Police regularly used "enhanced interrogation". Discretionary powers to the armed forces are also recognized to bring down every Communist or terrorist caught in the act.
  • Even in other countries, real democracy is rare, most of them limited to purely consultative feedback, or none at all. Democracy in a country is inversely proportional to the ratio of their governments in the Holy Roman Empire of Mexico. Which is to say that countries that do not get along with Mexico are more democratic than those who are "friends" of Mexico. Of course, the People's Republic of China is the exception to this rule.
  • The society is much more conservative and traditional, somewhat similar to the years 1940-1950 NLT form. One consequence is the effect of gender roles, the census suffrage restricted to the wealthy and the influence of the priests, absolute in all aspects of life. By law, the presumption of veracity to everything you say a priest, so I never have been prosecuted for child abuse cases and is attributed NLT.
  • Homosexuality and feminism are a crime of turpitude, sentenced to death by hanging for "immorality" (which does not prevent Mexico criticize Russia to pass laws banning homosexual advertising). Demographically, there is little rich white minority, a somewhat larger middle class mestizo, and the vast majority of people of all other ethnic groups very poor.
  • Soccer is the national sport of Mexico. Moreover, show interest in any other sport is classified as "Questioning the System" under Mexican law and is enough to make you fall 15 years in prison grounds. If it is shown that this lack of interest has "impure motives" (being gay) it means immediate death penalty.
  • Despite the abolition of slavery, the "class racism" is deeply rooted in Mexico and its allies. This term, coined by a blogger (executed in 2004 for being a communist) refers to Western society that practiced racism in terms of wealth. That is, a Mexican be racist towards black poor, but rich black will treat you with respect.
  • Politically, any attempt by a politician conducting a policy minimally left is more than enough to be imprisoned and executed, accused of being a communist cause. Naturally, the Communist parties is strictly prohibited, and are generally regarded as terrorist organizations. Fascist parties are also prohibited, but because they are considered a threat to global stability (most of these call for his country to war with the neighbors and to annex parts of these)
  • The technology is aberrant. While cars are as much the equivalent of our 1980-1990, cable TV does not exist, the commercial aircraft propeller still going, still they exist transatlantic cruise lines and particle accelerators only appear in science fiction novels, there things like "Computamóviles" (Smartphones), the "tableta" graphene, the laser keyboard or AEGIS and double-decker buses are common system.
  • The main weapons are the FX-05 or AKM Mexican Xiuacoatl and derivatives. The M-16 does not use anyone other than the United States. Oh, and Mexico is developing a project of robotic armor, which they call "Armarrobot"
  • The Spanish language is the most important and Mexico is regarded worldwide in the same way that OLT United States. In reality, the relationship is the same, reversed: Mexico commands and the United States obeys. Canada also lives under Mexico rules.
  • All government leaders of the allied countries of Mexico must swear loyalty to their Emperor when they assume office, whether they are monarchies or republics.
  • Mexican NATO includes many more countries and is led by Mexico (obviously). As a novelty, the control of all nuclear programs of NATO is under exclusive control of the Holy Roman Empire of Mexico, despite being deployed in other countries and / or to be maintained and funded by these countries.
  • Internet exists, but is called Red Global and is in Spanish. The main pages are Buscón (Google), Anuario (Facebook) and Tutele (YouTube). In addition, the Cyber ​​Command Military Intelligence (usually abbreviated as Cybercommand) can, and monitors all communications. Apart from possessing armed forces and the ability to arrest people.
  • All the Disney characters have Spanish names, since the company was founded in Mexico. Mickey Mouse is called "Miguel Ratón", Minnie is called "Mina Rata", Daisy Duck as "Margarita Pato", all well.
  • The same goes for Editions Maravilla (Marvel). In Mexico, people do not read Superman, read the adventures of Zorro. Other popular characters are Superman / Carlos Cuesta, Murcimbre / Oswaldo Berto (Batman), the spider / Pedro Park (Spiderman), etc.
  • All the stories that NLT CIA or the FBI appear here are respectively the Imperial Intelligence Agency (AGIMINT) and Imperial Police.
  • Another lot of companies NLT United States and Spain are Mexican. Apple is "Manzana", Microsoft is called "Blandit"o, Linux does not exist (the founder was arrested and executed on charges of being a communist), the Coca-Cola really takes cocaine, and so on.
  • Reggaeton aren't in existence. In fact, music has been frozen in the equivalent 1960 NLT. Only Britain and other states outside the area of ​​influence of Mexico with modern music, but listening is strictly prohibited.
  • The literature has not progressed much and has also frozen the equivalent of 1970 OTL. Within the Holy Roman Empire of Mexico there is strict censorship, and a committee composed equally of members of the Papacy and the Imperial Government examines all works to be published in this country before giving its approval.
  • Owning books like the Communist Manifesto, Capital, the Koran, Mao's Red Book, Gaddafi's Green Paper, On the Origin of Species, the Harry Potter series, A Song of Ice and Fire, 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird and many is reason enough to be imprisoned.
  • Mexican state intervention in the economy is so weak that a Secretary of Industry that goal too noses can be deposed, accused of being a communist.