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Sultanate of Lyrobia
Timeline: Great Empires

OTL equivalent: Libya, Tunisia, East Algeria
Flag of Tunisia Het grote Rijkswapen van Tunesie als Koninkrijk
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Humat al-Hima"
Capital and largest city Kairouan
Other cities Tripoli, Tunis
Language Arabic, Berber
Religion Islam
Ethnic Group Lyrobians
Demonym Lyrobian
Government Islamic, constitutional, parliamentary monarchy
Sultana Zaynab al-Aziz
Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali
2,430,000 km² km²
  water (%) 1%
Population 25,025,123 
  per capita $35,964.035
Established 1229
Independence from Morocco
  declared 1229
Currency Lyrobian
Time Zone UTC+01:00
  summer Not observed
Calling Code +216
Internet TLD .ly
Organizations United Nations

Lyrobia is a large nation in North Africa.

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