Provisional Government of the Ukraine
Provisional Government
Flag of Ukraine.svg
2014–2015 Flag of Ukrainian SSR.svg
Flag of Ukraine.svg Lesser Coat of Arms of Ukraine.svg
Flag Emblem
Shche ne vmerla Ukraina (English: The glory and the freedom of Ukraine has not yet died)
West Ukraine.png
Capital Lyiv
Official language Ukrainian
Government Provisional government
Head of StatePetro Poroshenko
 - Russia Invades April 14, 2014
 - Belarus Agreement September 3, 2014
 - Ukraine Surrender March 28, 2015
The Provisional Government of Ukraine was based in Lyiv and was a result of a plan for a true ceasefire to end to the conflict in Ukraine. 


Bandera Incident

War Planning

In November, Poroshenko and The Rada began forming the basis for economic planning. The Rada announced that would ration food and supplies and nationalize Defense and Commerce until the war was over. All TV Stations would be placed under National Supervision and Border Posts and Guards would protect Moldova, Poland, and Belarus.

Provisional Government

Emergency Powers

Petro Poroshenko was given the powers of the Prime Minister and assumes command of the executive branch after Arseniy Yatsenyuk was forced to resign due to a fabricated scandal involving a picture of Stepan Banderas. Yatsenyuk was considered likely to assume emergency powers as Poroshenko was discussing the possibility of fleeing the country to reside in Maryland in exile. Yatsenyuk was seen as hardline in the campaign and the fear was that Ukraine would request NATO's involvement and allow the UN to stop Russia and the Ukrainian Soviet Republic's "Right to Self-Determination" 

Poroshenko also gained some of Verkhnova Rada's Power including War Declaration, Control of the Budget, Taxation, and any foreign treaties. The Rada maintained control over planning, investments and all other aspects of the Government. 

In 2016, Ukraine was expected to elect its leaders and permanetly form a government and for the year it was in effect, the Government would remain suspended until the ratification of the treaty that was signed. 

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