Lydian Empire
12th Century-323 BC 3by2white.svg

Lydian Coin.jpg
Flag of Lydia

Capital Sardis
Languages Hittite language
Religion Greek Mythology
Lidyan Mythology
Government Monarchy
 •  12th Century BC Manes I (first)
 • 326-323 BC Arachne II(last)
Historical Era Era One
 •  Collapse of the Hittites 12th Century BC
 • Acquisition of much of Anatolia 553-548 BC
 •  Conquest by Macedon 325-323 BC
Currency Barter

Lydia was a nation in Asia.


Median Collapse

In 553-548 BC,Media was collapsing.So as a result,Lydia allied with Zarathustra and Cyrus.The result was the Lydian Conquest of Median Anatolia with a dispute over Cilcia with Cyrus.

1st Persian Invasion

In 530 BC,Persia invaded under Darius I.The Lydians fought Persia to a standstill and won the dispute over Cilcia.

Expansion West

Soon,Ionia was conquered.In 528 BC,Thrace was invaded.In 525 BC,Thrace surrendered.A messenger was sent to Macedon to become Lydian vassals.In 518 BC,Macedon replied yes seeing as Lydia could resist Persia.In 516 BC,all disrespect in Ionia was crushed.


Lydia was an absolute monarchy.This means the Emperor had all the power.

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