256px-MountBlanc03   Member States of the Alliance des Alpes (Chaos TL)   256px-MountBlanc03
Member States

Bavaria | Bourbon Hungary | France | Savoy | Switzerland | Venice | Württemberg-Austria

Wars fought

Anti-French War | First French-Seljuk War | Luxemburgian War of Succession | Great Seljuk War | Second / Third French-Seljuk War

Luxemburg, due to its proximity to France, had always been wary of its bigger neighbor and cooperated with other states to preserve its independence, if necessary. The fact that its dynasty also reigned Tyrol with its silver mines, and several Luxemburgers were elected Roman kings or even emperors, also helped them. After France had swallowed the territories next to Luxemburg, they looked for an opportunity to go further. When Karl IX died in 1660 without a competent heir, the opportunity was there.

The Luxemburgian War of Succession took place during the years 1660-64. France and its allies Venice, Bavaria, Switzerland and Nassau made claims for Luxemburgian territories, although they were highly doubtful.

But with the absolutist François IV as French king, things like this didn't matter. Although Luxemburg had (most of) the HRE on its side, they were defeated. Vorarlberg became a Swiss canton, South Tyrol went to Venice, the rest of Tyrol to Bavaria; Nassau got a part of Luxemburg proper, the rest (including Lorraine) became French.

The rightful heir, Karl X (VII in Tyrol) only received Brabant-Limburg. "The old sting in France's side", as François IV used to say, was now removed.

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