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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Herzogtum Lëtzebuerg
Timeline: Triple Entente vs. Central Powers (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Luxembourg

1815 - Present
Civil Ensign of Luxembourg.svg
lb  (language?)
"We want to remain what we are"
(and largest city)
Other cities N/a
Official languages Luxembourgish
Regional Languages Danish, French, Dutch, German
Ethnic groups  German
Demonym Luxembourger
Religion Protestantism (Lutheranism)
Roman Catholicism
Government Federal Monarchy
 -  Monarch (list) King William II
 -  House of House of Orange-Nassau, Acquired by
    Luxembourg dynasty
 -  from French Empire
(Treaty of Paris)
20 November 1815 
 -  Total 2,586.4 km2 
999 sq mi 
 -  1815 estimate 58,630 
Currency German goldmark (ℳ)
Patron saint St. Willibrord

Luxembourg is a country in Europe which is more in the western side, Luxembourg is a very new country that was released in 30 November 1815, by the "Treaty Of Paris(1815)" And was released by the German Empire as for the Treaty. Luxembourg's main point is to be peaceful diplomatic group that will seek for allies and do good in economy and be a very noticeable in Europe. Luxembourg is bad at handling at language as they have over 5 languages in the area

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|German Empire - Asked for our alliance

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