Duchy of Luxembourg
Timeline: The Once and Never Kings
OTL equivalent: Luxembourg
TONK Luxembourg-Arlon Location.png
Location of Luxembourg in dark green, with the rest of Luxembourg in light green.
Official languages Luxembourgish, Dutch, French
Regional Languages German
Demonym Luxembourgish
Religion Catholicism, Lutheranism
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Duke John XI
Currency Dutch Guilder

The Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg-Arlon, Arlon, is a province of Luxembourg. It surrounds the separate city of Luxembourg, which is the capital of the United Kingdoms of Burgundy and the Netherlands, and its own capital sits in the city of Arlon.


Luxembourg-Arlon is well known as the ancestral land of the House of Luxembourg.

Once a mere county in the Duchy of Upper Lorraine, Luxembourg became practically independent in the thirteenth century as central authority in Upper Lorraine broke down. For another century, Luxembourg remained a solitary county on the western end of the Holy Roman Empire. It position in the aftermath of the War of the Limburg Succession. While the exploits of Henry VI would end with his defeat and death, it garnered the attention of the Imperial Electors for his son, Henry VII. Sponsored by the Archbishop of Cologne, and his brother, the Archbishop of Trier, Henry VII would be elected Holy Roman Emperor.

Henry VII's son, John I, married Elezabeth of Bohemia in 1310. Elizabeth was the last heir of the Premyslid dynasty, and so expanded the Luxembourg realm for the first time.

Unfortunately for the territory of Luxembourg, the administrative center of the Luxembourg real shifted from Luxembourg city, to Prague. Luxembourg city wouldn't become the capital of the realm until after the loss of Hungary in the late sixteenth century.

The landscape was repeatedly ravaged during the wars between the Holy Roman Empire and Francia. During the devastating Forty Years War, the population is believed to have fallen by as much as 80%. It wouldn't be until 1842 that the territory recovered in terms of population.

As part of a series of reforms undertaken during the course of the twentieth century, the city of Luxembourg was detached to create a separate district for the capital of the country. The capital of the Duchy of Luxembourg (as it was still known) was moved to Arlon, and henceforth it was referred to as Luxembourg-Arlon for convenience sake.


The capital of the Duchy of Luxembourg is the city of Arlon. Arlon itself was the capital of the County of Arlon, until that state was annexed by the then County of Luxembourg in the thirteenth century.

There is a two-chambered legislature which governs Luxembourg-Arlon. Since Burgundy-Netherlands is a federal state, it has wide authority within its jurisdiction.