State of Lusitania
Estado de Lusitânia
State of Portugal
Timeline: Wilt of the Carnation

OTL equivalent: Portugal (excluding the Azores and Madeira).
Flag of Lusitania (Wilt of the Carnation)
Flag of Lusitania
(and largest city)
  others Spanish
Religion Catholicism
Demonym Lusitanian
Area 25,956 km²
Population 11,645,685 
Abbreviations LS, PT-LS

The State of Lusitania (Portuguese: Estado de Lusitânia), colloquially known as Lusitania (Lusitânia), is a state of the Portuguese Commonwealth. Prior to the 1990s, Lusitania was officially known as Portugal, as the state is the historic and political core of the Portuguese Empire.

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