— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Portugal and Western Spain
Lusitania II
Location of
(and largest city)
Emerita Augusta (Merida)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Lusitani (Lingua Lusitanarum)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Cantabri, Baeti, Toleti,
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Lusitania
Established 728 (25 BC)

A Short History of Lusitania

The Province of Lusitania on the edge of the Iberian Peninsula was not a very important area at the time of its conquest. However, as the Romans expanded it became very important to have a coastline facing outwards to the Atlantic Ocean. Lusitania was mostly made up of carpentry cities as well as a few industrial centers on the interior of the Province. On the coasts were many fisheries and ports. Lusitania removed and protected itself from the violence which erupted in nearby Hispania. They neither assisted nor attacked any of the parties involved. However, due to the exposure which Lusitania did have, none of its government records of names have survived until after Emperor Sergius.

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