Luke Skyson
Timeline: Great Empires

Portrait of Luke Skyson

Leader of the Chrelytians of Chrelytium
1,100,000,000 BBC – 1,000,000,000

Successor Haladna Thanda (on Chrelytium)
Caspian Venalis and Cadence Zash (on Mortis)
Co-Leader Jo Synesthia
Born before 1,000,000,000 BBC
Homeworld Chrelytium
Species Chrelytian
Affiliation The Ones
Father Zed Skyson
Mother Unknown
Religion The Force
Luke Skyson Synesthia is a male Chrelytian living on Mortis as a member of The Ones, ten of the 13 last Chrelytians. He was the former leader of the Chrelytians of Chrelytium but evacuated the planet when Haladna Thanda turned the planet into a frozen desert. Luke refused to remain their leader as his wife, Jo Synesthia and his brother Seth, were turned to stone in an attempt to defeat Thanda, his friends Caspian and Cadence became the new leaders of the Chrelytians of Mortis.