Luke Dawson

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Luke Dawson
Dawson in 2016

President of the House of Representatives
2014 – present

Predecessor: Liyuan Shaofeng

President of The Democrats
2016 – present

Predecessor: Yin Takeda
Born: 17 November 1985 (age 31)
Republic City, United Republic of Tiangong
Alma mater: Republic City University
Spouse: Alissa Jayson
Profession: Businessman
Political party: The Democrats
Religion: None
Luke Dawson (Chinese: 盧克·道森) is a United Republic politician and businessman. Dawson is the President of the House of Representatives and was the nominee of The Democrats in the 2016 election, where he was defeated by Asami Saito. Dawson is the grandson of former President Sandra Ascalon.

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