Lukáš Banik
Lukas Banik Pic.jpg
10th President of the Danubian Federation
Assumed office
5th November, 1885
Vice President Edvard Krejčí
Preceded by Francesco de Palma
Councillor for Slovakia
In office
Member of Slovak Parliament
In office
Personal details
Born Lukáš Banik
12 March 1837
Bratislava, Hungary
Political party Radical Union of the Federation
Residence Bratislava, Slovakia, Danubian Federation
Profession Politician
Religion Roman Catholicism

Lukáš Banik is a character in the interactive AAR "A Federation of Equals".


Born into a middle class Slovak family, Lukáš’ family was involved with the Slovak independence movement with his father, Mikoláš, having been a member of the Slovak Provisional Assembly during its brief time of existence in 1854. After graduating from the University of Vienna with a degree in law, Lukáš ran for a seat in the Slovak Parliament in 1864 and won, subsequently serving until 1872 when he became a Councillor for Slovakia, which he has been since. As a more moderate member of the RU, Lukáš looks to see the passage of further social reforms while also supporting the maintenance of a strong military.