Luis Barros Borgoño
Timeline: Central World

Luis Barros Borgoño
Portrait of

Bandera Presidente de Chile 23th President of Chile
December 23, 1925 – December 23, 1930

Predecessor Arturo Alessandri
Successor Arturo Alessandri

Senator of the Republic
for Santiago

May 21, 1924 – September 12, 1924

Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Cult and Colonization
November 28, 1918 – November 8, 1919

President Juan Luis Sanfuentes
Born March 26, 1858(1858-03-26)
Flag of Chile Concepción, Chile
Died July 26, 1943(1943-07-26) (aged 85)
Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile
Political Party National (Montt-Varist) Party
Profession Lawyer

Luis Barros Borgoño (March 26, 1858 – July 26, 1943) was a Chilean politician who served as President of Chile between 1925 and 1930.


Born in Santiago, he was son of Manuel Barros Arana and Eugenia Borgoño Vergara. He graduated as a lawyer in 1880, held a position in the Supreme Court in 1884, was Minister of War and Navy on three occasions (1890, 1892 and 1895-96), was Minister of Foreign Affairs twice (1894 and 1918) and Finance Minister in 1901.

As the conservative candidate in the Chilean presidential election of 1920, he faced the liberal Arturo Alessandri and was defeated by a very slim margin (he actually obtained more popular votes than Alessandri).

He was elect as Senator for Santiago in the 1924 parliamentary elections. However, on September 12, after resignation of the President Alessandri Palma, the Congress was closed by an Military Junta established and lead by the General Luis Altamirano.


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