Luigi Pampini (6 April 1897 - 13 January 1948) was the Chief of Police of Rome and one of the principal architects of the Roman Revolution and a member of the "New Triumvirate" which included Pope Innocent XVII and General Carlo Petronelli.

As a supporter of civilian rule in the city, Pampini was eventually outmuscled by the military during the later years of the Revolutionary Government and retired in early 1946, fed up with Petronelli and his supporters. He became a vocal champion of a conservative, secular and civilian-ruled Italian state, coming at odds with both the Papacy, which was focusing on rebuilding southern Italy in accordance with the results of the Partition and the authority of the Church, and at odds with Petronelli, who favored a military government, as well as with Emperor Sebastien in France, who was concerned by Pampini's advocacy for a unified Italy that would have included Veneto, Lombard and Piedmont, all of which were annexed by France following the French Civil War.

Pampini was assassinated while leaving his Roman home in 1948 due to a planned speaking tour of Italy in which he planned to outline his vision for a democratic, unified Italian state that would include French Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and the Holy See. His assassins were never caught or identified. While many of his policies and political positions were very conservative in nature - a decentralized government in Rome with power manifested in local rural councils, a lack of governmental controls over the economy, a small army and a strong police force, stringent requirements for voting eligibility, and a ban of non-Catholics from holding government posts - he is revered in Italian left-wing quarters, mainly due to his being left of the reactionary Petronelli and advocating a secular government in response to the Papacy's Catholic rule.

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