Louis' Castle
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Motto: Louis looks upon us, he is with us.
(German: Ludwig schaut auf uns, ist er bei uns.)

Country Hesse
Province Ludwig
District Ludwig
Language German
Ludwigist Christian
  others Roman Catholicism, Reformed Christian
Ethnic groups
  others Dutch, Norse
Founded 1417
Incorporated 1419
Population 200,000 Hessians
Time zone Central European Time
  summer Roman Catholicism, Reformed Christian
Ludwigsburg is the capital of the nation of Hesse, located 9.30 km northwest of Marburg. It is the largest city in Hesse, larger than Frankfurt. It has multiple districts, and many different, important buildings in it.

City Layout

This will cover the layout of the city and such.

North District

The north district is the rural district, with many fields and forests in the north. The north district has trade posts, and some neighborhoods, but has a fort as well. The north district supplies a large amount of the food and wood for Ludwigsburg. There are no major landmarks or sites in the north.

South District

The southern district is heavily urbanized. There are some landmarks and other places in the south. The south district is a major residential area, with the second most population. It is behind the central district in population. There are some distinct neighborhoods in the southern district.

Old Wall

The Old Wall is the only remaining part of the first walls of Ludwigsburg still standing. It is in need of repair, and serves as a small defensive barrier, as well as spot of interest for travelers. Old technology still exists in the walls, and the architecture dates back to Ludwig I's time. It is popular for being an old place where the military worked. It is no longer worked by the military, but has served as a defensive object since its retirement, notably the Battle of Ludwigsburg. In the battle, the wall was heavily damaged. There is no effort to keep the wall up.

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

The only Catholic place of worship remaining in Ludwigsburg, it can sit 20 people. The average Sunday attendence is 14. It is located in the west of the South District. Most people that attend are from other countries. It is one of the oldest buildings in Ludwigsburg. Peacekeeping soldiers are posted nearby in case of religious conflicts.