Ryukyu Islands flag 1875-1879 cs
Location of Luchu [[]]
Official language Luchuan
Capital Uchina City
Largest City Uchina City
Vice President
Population 200,000
HDI 0.943
Current constitution 1947
Currency Luchu Yen (LCY) (Note: Pegged to the Japanese Yen 1:1)
Our Timeline Equivalent Most of the Ryukyu Islands (Japan)

Luchu is a country made up of most of the "Luchu Archipelago", which stretches from the near the southeast of Japan (Kyushu) to near the northwest of Taiwan. For an independent nation, its population is quite small - only around 200,000. 69% of the population lives on the island of Uchina. (47% of the Luchu population lives in Uchina City.) Currently, Luchu is becoming a tourist destination for Japanese. Aware of both the money this will bring in, as well as the lifestyle changes and possible environmental degradation, Luchu has designated some areas (notably, much of Uchina Island) as tourist areas while protecting others using international environmental and cultural measures. From 2000-2005, the economy grew by an estimated 6% per year.


Ethnic Groups

91% Luchuans
08% Japanese
01% others


48% Freethinker
32% agnostic
16% atheist
46% Buddhist*
03% Shinto*
02% Christian
01% other
(*Buddhism, and to some extent Shinto, are practiced by many people. Even atheists and agnostics sometimes take part in some religious rituals, even if they aren't religious.)


62% Non-Vegetarian
38% Vegetarian

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