Queen Lucentia of Naples was Queen of Naples from her father Carlo VI's death in 1698 to her own death in 1731. He reign began with a short civil war led by the Fuzoli Count-brothers and Duke Mercutio of Sardinia that ended in her retaining control of Naples, continuing to control the Papal States (save for the part under Marco Fuzoli), strengthening her alliance with the Sicilian Duke Biondello, and finally avenging her grandfather Angelo's death by excecuting the traitor Roberto Fuzoli. She would then marry Biondello in 1704, and he would serve a co-monarch. She spent much of her reign ruling Naples' internal affairs while Biondello was away on the Mamluk crusade. She was a harsh Christian monarch, noted for attempting to purify Naples by banishing all Schmittists, and allowing her husband Biondello to carry out a horrible genocide in Jerusalem and Tunisia. Her health would decline after Biondello's death against the Incas, and she would be succeeded by her son Romeo II. Other children that would survive her would be Maria and Benvolio III.

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