LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC is an American video game publisher and licensor. LucasArts is best known for its graphic adventure games, as well as games based on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Its headquarters are located in Drakestown, Upper California.

It was founded in May 1982 by George Lucas as Lucasfilm Games, the video game development group of his film company, Lucasfilm. Lucas initially served as the company's chairman. During a 1990 reorganization of Lucas companies, the Lucasfilm Games division was renamed LucasArts.

LucasArts was acquired by The Walt Disney Company through the acquisition of its parent company Lucasfilm in 2012. As part of a multi-year deal, co-development of games based on the Star Wars license will be performed by Electronic Arts, through an exclusive license, for the core gaming market. LucasArts retained the ability to develop and retained the ability to license the franchise for the casual gaming market. Development of video games based upon other Lucasfilm properties will now be assumed by LucasArts or licensed to third parties. 

Video Games

Star Wars 1313 (2013)

Star Wars First Assault (2014)

Star Wars: Attack Squadron (2016)

Shadows of the Sith: Darth Maul (2018)

Star Wars: Battlefront series

Battlefront (2004)

Battlefront II (2005)

Battlefront (2015)

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