Luís Carlos Prestes
Timeline: Regnum Bueno

Luiz carlos prestes
Portrait of Luís Carlos Prestes

1st General-secretary of San Paulo
1953 – 1974

Successor Paulo Maluf

(As Democratic President)

Born 3 January 1898
Porto Alegre, Flagsaopaulov1 San Paulo
Died 7 March 1990
São Paulo, Flagsaopaulov3 San Paulo
Spouse (s) Olga Benário (1934-1942)

Maria Prestes (1950-1990)

Political Party Communist Party of San Paulo
Profession Military engineer


 Luís Carlos Prestes (January 3, 1898 – March 7, 1990) was a tenente and the secretary-general of San Paulo. He was one of the organizers of the Workers' Revolution of 1953 revolts and the opposition to the prime-minister government of the right-wing politicians in San Paulo.