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American Civil War
Part of Springtime of Nations
Date March 22, 1845 – February 20, 1847
Location North America
Result United States victory
  • Annexation of Louisiana and Florida
US flag with 26 stars by Hellerick United States

Flag of Louisiana (February 1861) Republic of Louisiana

Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) Kingdom of Spain

Supported by:
Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire

The Louisiana War (Spanish: Louisiana Guerra) was a war fought between the United States and the Kingdom of Spain from 1845 to 1847 during the Springtime of Nations. The war concerned the status of the territory (and later republic) of Louisiana; for decades the land had been a territory of New Spain, but the land's inhabitants declared independence in 1845 during worldwide revolutions. Soon, the United States claimed the annexation of the republic, which was still considered a Spanish territory by the Spanish crown.

Louisiana War (No Napoleon)

North America at the time of the war