República de Louisiana
Republic of Louisiana

Timeline: No Napoleon
Preceded by 1841–1843 Succeeded by
Bandera Histórica de la República Mexicana (1824-1918) US flag with 33 stars by Hellerick
Flag of Louisiana (February 1861)
Flag of Louisiana
Louisiana orthographic map (No Napoleon)
Louisiana, superimposed on modern borders
(and largest city)
New Orleans
Language English, Spanish, French
Demonym Louisianan
Government Republic
Independence from Mexico
  declared 1841
Currency Louisianan Dollar ($)

The Republic of Louisiana (French: République de Louisiane, Spanish: República de Louisiana), commonly known as Louisiana, was an independent sovereign state in North America which existed from 1841 until 1843. It was bordered by the nation of Mexico to the west, the United States to east and the colony of Rupert's Land to the north. It was later annexed to the US at the end of the Louisiana War.

Louisiana War (No Napoleon)

Map of Louisiana after the Louisiana War

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