Republic of Lousiana
République de Lousiane
Timeline: Never-ending colonization

OTL equivalent: Louisiana territory
Flag of Louisiana (January 1861) Armoiries république française
Flag Coat of Arms
Louismap nc
Location of Republic of Lousiana

Agriculture, égalité, Fraternité (French)
("Agriculture, equality, brotherhood")

Anthem "Longue vie à la terre"
  others English, Dutch, Spanish
Government constitutional republic
Currency American Franc (Américain Franc)

The Republic of Louisiana is a country in North America next to the Spanish states of America and Dutch America. It is a former colony of France. Its main economic activity is agriculture.


In this timeline, Napoleon never sells the territory and keeps it. It begins to grow as an agricultural giant very protective of the bisons and native Americans.

The people of Louisiana secceed from France and become the Republic of Louisiana.

  • 2005- joined the FCU (Union of French-speaking countries)


A heavily agricultural society, it has long fields used for agriculture. The architecture is the same as countryside France. They seem to have the same taste in food, but they have a different eating schedule as France.

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