Kingdom of Louisiana
Uni de la Louisiane
Timeline: Louisiana Revolution

OTL equivalent: Louisiana (New France) shortly before the Louisiana Purchase, Florida and the Panama Canal
Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Wappen Wiesbaden
Flag Coat of arms

Unionem, iustitia, fides (Latin)
("Union, Justice, Confidence")

Anthem "Hymne de la Louisiane"
(and largest city)
New Orleans
Other cities Eauville, Sainte Pierre, Argileville, Prime, Levisville
Language French, Spanish, English
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Group Louisianan Creoles, English, Hispanic and others
Demonym Louisianan
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parlement
Monarch Louis V
Prime Minister Alfred Gillbout
Area 2,762,891 square miles
Population 422,634,049 
Established August 9, 1770
Independence from Spain
  declared 1770
Currency Louisianan dollar (LDR)
Time Zone (UTC-6 to -7)
  summer (UTC-7 to -8)
Calling Code +504
Internet TLD .lo
Organizations United Nations, Caribbean Congress
 The Kingdom of Louisiana (French: Uni de la Louisiane; Spanish: Reino de Luisiana), commonly referred to as simply Louisiana, is a sovereign state located in western North America. It is a constitutional monarchy composed of nine provinces, a federal district, two major territories, the Panama Canal, and various other possessions mainly located in the Pacific and the Caribbean.

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