Kingdom of Louisiana
Royaume de la Louisiane
Timeline: Dawn of Liberty
Flag of New Orleans, Louisiana Royal Coat of Arms of France
Flag Coat of Arms
Louisiana in Purple

Liberté et Égalité ou la mort! (French)
("Liberty and Equality or Death!")

Anthem "Marche Henri IV"
Capital and Largest City La Nouvelle Orleans (New Orleans)
Other cities Baton Rouge
  others English, Spanish
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestantism
Demonym Louisianian
Government Democratic Constitutional Parlamentary Monarchy
  legislature Parliament of New Orleans (Senate and Chamber of Deputies)
King Henri II
  Royal house: Orléans
Prime Minister David Vitter
Established Early XVII Century
Independence from Spain
  declared October 10th, 1791
  recognized 1792
Currency Louisianian Franc

Louisiana is a nation in North America, occupying most of the territory New France had.


Initially a movement against spanish rule and preservation of the french heritage, the upper and middle class of Louisiana started the independence movement, supported by the recently independent Mexico and by the United States. The lower classes joined the movement quickly, and the spanish had no option. Louisiana was made independent by 1792, after some battles around New Orleans. Louis Philippe, Duke of Orléans was invited to become King of Louisiana, since he was a member of the French Royal Family, known by his defense of Liberty and Equality, by his nickname "Philippe Égalité".


Parliament of Louisiana, where both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies meet to treat about the nation most important issues


Royal Palace of New Orleans, house of the King and his family


Summer Palace of Baton Rouge, vacation place of the Royal Family

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