Kingdom of Louisiana
Royaume de la Louisiane
Timeline: American Empire (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Colony of Louisiana
Pavillon royal de la France Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France
Flag Coat of Arms

Dieu Sauve le Roi (French)
("God Save the King")

Anthem "Vive Henry IV"
Capital New Orleans
Largest city New Orelans
  others Creole, English, Spanish, Native American languages
Catholic Christianity
  others Protestant Christiainity, Native American religions, Judaism, Islam
Ethnic Groups
Western European
  others Eastern European, Native American, Jewish, Arab, Creole, West African
Demonym Louisianais
Government Absolute Monarchy
King Louis-Charles I
  Royal house: Bourbon
Regent Pierre Clément de Laussat
Independence from France
  declared March 22, Anno Domini 1791
  recognized August 12, Anno Domini 1793
Currency Louisianais Franc (L)

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