Republic of Louisiana
République de Louisiane
Timeline: 1797
Flag of Louisiana
Location of Louisiana
Capital La Petite Roche (Little Rock)
Largest city New Orleans
Other cities St. Louis, Baton Rouge, Pérouse
  others Spanish, Sioux
Population 70 million 
Independence 1806 (from France)
Currency Louisiana franc

The Republic of Louisiana spans from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Coast, between the nations of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. This multicultural country is the the breadbasket of North America. It is governed by an elected Assembly based in La Petite Roche.


  • 1806: Louisiana patriots declare independence from France.
  • 1808: Emperor Napoleon of France recognizes Louisiana independence.
    • Mississippi Treaty with United States solves disputes over borders, slavery, and river trade access.
  • 1820: Abolition of slavery.
  • 1850s: French involvement in Mexican Civil War.

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