Republic of Louisiana
République de la Louisiane
Timeline: 13 Fallen Stars

OTL equivalent: Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and portions of Alberta, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.
Flag of Louisiana (January 1861)
Flag of Louisiana
Location of Louisiana (13 Fallen Stars)
Location of Louisiana
Capital Petit Rocher
Largest city New Orleans
Other cities Denver, Des Moines, Saint Louis
  others Creole, English, Sioux, Spanish
Roman Catholic
  others Protestant
Demonym Louisianan
Government Presidential federal constitutional republic
  legislature Federal Assembly
President Jean Breaux (Liberal)
Independence from Spain
  declared 1810s
  recognized 1820s
Currency Piastre (LAP)
Internet TLD .la

The Republic of Louisiana (French: République de la Louisiane), commonly known as Louisiana (la Louisiane), is a federated republic located in North America. Initially claimed by France, the territory came under Spainish control after the Seven Years' War. Despite this, French settlers continued to settle in the region, in particular French-speaking exiles from Acadia, and many French revolutionaries from the failed French Rebellion in the 1790s.

By the 1810s, tensions between the French settlers and the Spanish accumulated into revolution. Louisiana won independence in the 1820s. The divisional differences between Lower Louisiana (centered in New Orleans) and Upper Louisiana (centered in St. Louis) led to the establishment of a federation between the two. Today, Louisiana contains many states and contains a rich and diverse culture.
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