LOUIS, Sixteenth of that name, by the grace of God KING of France, defender of the Faith, etc.

Louis Francis Albert Charles d'Bourbon (b. 1754), became king of France on the death of his grandfather, Louis XV in 1774.

Although initially a very popular king, the various reforms brought about by his ministers, several unsuccessful wars, as well as both French Revolts made his reign somewhat disastrous in its latter years.

Following the second French Revolt, Louis retired into seclusion at Versaille, hardly ever leaving the grounds except to fulfil official duties.


Louis married Princess Maria Joanna of Austria (Marie Antoinette (1755-1831) in 1770.


  • Sophie-Annabella (1774-1863); married Duke Charles II of Parma in 1798, had issue
  • Louis Joseph Charles (1777-1843); married Anna Victoria of Austria in 1801, had issue
  • Louise-Marria (1779-1866); married Prince Charles Francis Frederick of Spain in 1802, had issue
  • Charles Francis Louis (1781-1861); married Dorothea Alexandra of Württemberg in 1806, had issue

Preceded by:
Louis XV
Pavillon royal de la France
King of France
Succeded by:
Louis XVII

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