Louis VI of Palatine
Timeline: Tudor line

Elector Palatine
18 August 1542 - 28 February 1596

Predecessor Louis V
Successor Rudolph III
Born 19 July 1518
Heidelberg, Electoral Palatine
Died 28 February 1596
Heidelberg, Electoral Palatine
Spouse Elizabeth of Austria
 Louis VI, Elector Palatine was the son of Louis V and Sibylle of Bavaria. At a young age he joined his father during the Protestant Wars and was raised as a staunch opponent of Martin Luther and all his successors. With age he however lost this anger, his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Ferdinand of Austria, saw this as a Habsburg and with Charles I of Spain on the throne, he soon found himself pushed into a corner, Charles almost stripped him of the electorate in the 1550s. In 1561 he wanted to start over and voted for Ferdinand I. Eventually he absolutely faked the religious fever, however his wife took care of her two children Rudolph and Elizabeth, wife of Arthur I of England. He caught an illness in 1592, he recovered, but this left him weak and when the illness came back in 1595 it eventually cost him his life. His son buried him with a royal burial, even Ferdinand found this showing off, yet he was getting a huge bag of gold from the Spanish Empire every year.
Electors of the Holy Roman Empire
Title 1561
Archbishop of Mainz Sebastian von Heusenstamm

Archbishop of Trier

Johann von der Leyen
Archbishop of Cologne Adolf of Schauenburg
King of Bohemia Casimir I of Hungary
Elector of Palatine Louis VI, Elector Palatine
Elector of Saxony John Frederick I of Saxony
Margrave of Brandenburg Joachim II Hector of Bradenburg
RESULT Ferdinand I of Spain