Louis V of Palatine
Timeline: Tudor Line

Ludwig V. Pfalz
Portrait of Louis V of Palatine

Elector Palatine
28 February 1508 - 18 August 1542

Predecessor Philip I
Successor Louis VI
Born 2 July 1478
Heidelberg, Electoral Palatine
Died 18 August 1542
Heidelberg, Electoral Palatine
Countess Sibylla of Bavaria

Louis V, Elector (Count) of Palatine was a ruler in the western Holy Roman Empire during the reigns of Maxmilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Charles I of Spain. In 1518 an Imperial Diet canceled and Imperial ban on him and glad about this he voted for Maxmilian's choice and elected Charles I as the Holy Roman Emperor. At the same time he was blessed with a son Louis, but then fell into sadness when his wife Sibylla of Bavaria (niece of Maxmilian) died. He outlived her and was a supporter of Charles I during his reign. He especially suported Charles against the protestant reformation of Martin Luther and crushed many peasants during the Protestant Wars. He was one of the biggest enemies of Martin Luther and was fanaticly in favor of his exection, only to find Palatine in rebelion which lasted for the rest of his life. In 1535 Ferdinand of Tyrol offered him a marriage of his daughter Elizabeth to his heir Louis. Elizabeth was also a religious fanatic (as she was a Habsburg) and they were on very good terms. In his old years he was still hardly cracking rebelions and taught this to his grandchildern Rudolf and Elizabeth. In 1542 Louis was murdered in his capital by a protestant fanatic, his son Louis VI took a less fanatic approach, and this meant a turn for the worst for Palatine.

Electors of the Holy Roman Empire
Title 1519
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Archbishop of Trier

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Archbishop of Cologne Herman of Wied
King of Bohemia Louis II of Hungary
Elector of Palatine Louis V, Elector Palatine
Elector of Saxony Frederick III of Saxony
Margrave of Brandenburg Joachim I Nestor of Brandenburg
RESULT Charles I of Spain