Louis I of Portugal
Timeline: Tudor line

Portrait of Infante Luis, Duke of Beja, Belem Collection
Portrait of Louis I of Portugal

King of Portugal
29 April 1555 - 13 November 1579

Predecessor John III
Successor Manuel II
Born 3 March 1506
Abrantes, Portugal
Died 13 November 1579
Palace of Alcáçova, Lisbon
Queen Vicência of Braganza
 Louis I of Portugal was born as the second youngest brother to John III. His brother Edward married Isabella of Braganza and had a daughter, through him he met Isabella's sister Vicência, who he took as wife. John III's only son John, however, died, possibly on the orders of Henry IXand for this John declared the succession of Portugal to be Agnatic Primogeniture, indirectly disinheriting his daughter Maria, Henry's wife. Louis came to the throne unprepared, two of his brother had religious positions and thus were out of succession. He began by giving his title of Duke of Beja to Edward and then quickly began to gather support to prevent John's fear of an invasion of Henry IX. After the death of Henry IX he was relieved, but soon Arthur I began his war for Portugal. However, Louis won because Arthur was terrible at leading a war and lost too many battles. However, he was maimed in battle and so after the war Manuel became prince regent. Louis died at age 73, Manuel II would later reconnect with Edward VI of England and the era of English-Portuguese aggression would end.


With his wife Vicência of Braganza he had four children: