King Louis XVII of France and II of New France (1785-1851) was the last king to rule both France and New France. He was the son of King Louis XVI et I. He succeeded his father as King of France in 1827, but was deposed three years later, being succeeded by his distant cousin Louis-Phillipe, the Duc d'Orléans. Upon being deposed from the throne of France, he returned to New France where he took the titles King of New France in addition to claiming the title of King of France. He is therefore often referred to as King of the Frances (Roi des Frances). He posthumously granted his father the title of King of New France.

Preceded by:
Louis XVI et I
King of France
Succeeded by:
Louis-Phillipe as King of the French
Pretender to the Throne of France
Succeeded by:
Louis XVIII et III
King of New France

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